Highlighting key players in sports technology

The world of sports is brimming with inspirational figures. Take a minute to help us celebrate the 100 most deserving individuals, teams and organizations of the year.

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Sports transcend every aspect of our lives. From its ability to unite legions of fans from all walks of life, to the way it inspires that fanaticism for teams and athletes alike, the power of athletic competition is undeniable.

That power is what inspired our first annual Hudl 100We sought to highlight industry leaders and innovators across the globe with a list featuring individuals and organizations from every facet of sport - coaches, analysts, athletes, teams, media companies, technology companies and other public figures. 

Our second annual Hudl 100 is here to acknowledge a new crop of movers and shakers working to push the industry forward.

This list is made up of those making a significant impact in at least one of the principles we value most at Hudl:


Helping teams and athletes improve through instruction


Acknowledging successes achieved through sports


Motivating the sports community to take a desired action

We surveyed Hudl employees and select members of the sports community for nominations, ultimately featuring the 100 receiving the most votes.

Here is our list for 2017.

The Hudl 100

2017 Edition

Coaches and Administrators

The leaders of change for programs and organizations, these individuals guide players and teams to heights never imagined.


These players are the living embodiment of grit and grind, redefining what it means to be an athlete.

Organizations and Associations

Formed to empower communities, these groups work to help members and fans navigate the ever-changing sports landscape.

Teams and Clubs

These teams find innovative ways to overcome common challenges, inspiring the sports community in the process.

Data Analysts and Video Coordinators

No detail is too small for this group. These select professionals are changing the way you view advanced stats and video analysis.

Sports Media

There’s never enough time in the day to keep track of everything that goes down in the world of sports – these outlets package the most relevant stories and trends to keep us all informed.


These companies are changing the way athletes prepare and games are played. The world of technology-driven sports is here to stay.